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  • Chablis in organic and biodynamic agriculture

    Since the beginning, Jean-Marc Brocard is committed to a healthier culture, respectful of its environment. In 1997, a plot of 11 hectares of Chablis is conducted in organic and biodynamic. Today, 60 hectares are certified organic farming and biodynamic 40 hectares. What makes Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard one of the first wine producers in organic farming in Chablis and Burgundy.

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    Domaine Jean Marc Brocard
    Winemaker in Chablis since 1973

    The family estate Jean-Marc Brocard cultivates its vines organically in the heart of Chablis, in Burgundy.

    Chablis AOC wine combining quality and authenticity

    Offering all the strength and charm of nature, scrupulously following the principles of organic farming, such is the Brocard family’s credo for the Chablis Grand Cru, Chablis Premier Cru, Chablis Village and Petit Chablis appellations.

    Expressing all the richness of the Chablis vineyard and revealing the beauty of the origins of each plot helps the men and women of the estate move forward every day.

    This demand for quality and this search for an authentic and unique Chablis white wine sign the reputation of Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard throughout the world.

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