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  • Chablis Grand Cru
    — Grenouilles —


    This parcel is the smallest of the Grand Crus (23.67 acres in total), and faces Southwest.  The personality of this terroir is very complex and its wines are voluptuous, tender and delicate once they age a little.


    In the mouth, the wine is truly harmonious, very well-balanced, remarkable for its pure elegance and finesse, with an unbelievably long mineral finish. The pallet of aromas is extremely wide, changing with the weather and the seasons.


    Serve between 12°C and 14°C.

    metsAccord Mets-Vin

    Fish, seafood and shellfish, grilled or in a cream sauce. Poultry and white meat, grilled or in a cream sauce.

    Grenouilles | Domaine Jean Marc Brocard